$99.00 Domain research (finding the RIGHT available domain for your special occasion)

Web Site Creation - in colors / style you specify

Custom Text / Story Line / Titles / Links that you provide

Conversion of digital pictures, for thumbnail, and full 'reasonable' size. You can provide up to 75 pictures. If you don't have digital pictures, we can scan them for you - see below

1 years worth of:

  • Your own PERSONAL domain (such as www.michaelandjolie.com). This is a REAL domain, not a 'domain forwarding' scheme which is discounted by most search engines
  • Web Hosting (site will be available for one full year, with no additional costs)
  • Personal Email accounts with the same name as your PERSONAL domain; i.e., mike@michaelandjolie.com, etc.
  • Guest book (if you chose)
FREE 5 Email Accounts -also includes Web Mail!
$5.00 Next (and each consecutive) group of 5 email accounts
$15.00* 1st picture scan (if you don't have digital photos and supply photograph)
$1.00* Each additional picture scan
$49.00 The second and consecutive years of the site as above

*You must supply return postage for picture return

What you DON'T get:
  • A site 'within' a site - like www.wedpix.com/michaelandjolie. With TreasuredPictures.com you get your OWN actual domain!
  • A site within a site that offers 'domain forwarding' from a 'quasi-real' domain pointer.
  • Annoying pop-ups (or even non-annoying pop-ups, if there is such a thing!)
  • Page redirects, upon entrance, exit, or any other times
  • Banners advertising random or specific sites/ products/ companies
  • Frames where your site is bordered by some other site's 'frame'
  • Email signatures; there is nothing added to your email advertising this, or any other service. What you put in your email is all that is sent.

Small videos can be added to page for extra cost.

Payments can be made by mailed check, paypal, or e-gold.